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Hi!  You have reached my personal page.  My name is Jason Lewis.  I am currently consulting for the http://yaritz.net domain.  I have worked in various capacities including: cgi and gui programmer, database programmer, system administrator, design, development, quality testing, telephony and helpdesk (phone support).  This range is 11 operating systems, 5 database applications, and 4 types of web servers and includes, but not limited to: AIX, FreeBSD, HPUX, Linux, Tru64, Solaris, FileMaker, Msql, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Apache, Apple's web server, Netscape Enterprise server, and Novell's web server.

I picked up the name jlewis9 from being an employee and a student at Weber State University.  This was my first username starting in May of 1997 when I started as an employee.  Students had GroupWise accounts until around 2001 when the NIMS system was deployed, where my username became jasonlewis.  (Employees were slated to move to NetMail, the new NIMS, soon, however, faculty and staff still have GroupWise accounts.)  NIMS was deployed as a student only email system after all since faculty and staff complained about a new email system.  I soon started to take classes and tried to progress up a short ladder.  (I now realize that this ladder is very short and Weber is a dead horse.  Part of the mistake I made is that I stopped with school when I was between degrees to work for a few years.)

It took me 10 years to get the degree I really wanted.  I did get other degrees in the mean time, but I kept wandering from my goal.  The moral of my story, once you get a goal in site, stick with it, or you will get hosed.

After being a student, I worked at Weber State for a number of years and then went back.  I now have two Bachelor Degrees.  I have since left and have made my life better for doing so.  I now work as a network consultant and also in the Health Care area as a production consultant, maintaining programs that process claims.

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