Welcome to the Digis ISP Page!

Digis is a tricky ISP.  We are located 7.5 miles from the main tower.  Digis mainly uses wifi to connect there customers.  When there are connection issues, sometimes ARP packets get dropped and it can cause connection issues.  This page was built to discuss the options of getting around Digis.

I have a router that Digis does not seem to like.  It would send out ARP requests, but Digis would not honor the total time of the request.  My solution was to change the rate of external ARPs.  I started by running a program called ARPing on my BSD box.  This enabled me to change the frequency of ARPs and I was able to correct the problem.

Now I just have to deal with the Digis outage policy where they take the system down at any time they feel like it.  The have taken their router down during busy daytime routers, but I would not expect this from an ISP.  Click here to see what I see when they take the system down.  You will notice that there are a lot of DHCP requests.  It appears that from the trace, they took down the router which also had DHCP running on it.