The Weber State UCE prevention page

I originally setup this domain to help Weber State University curb its UCE, however, they actually want the UCE.  Due to this line of thinking, I am no longer associated with Weber State University or any of its entities.

Welcome to the Weber State University complaint site.  This site is built to complain about where the stupidity lies.  Weber likes to "accept" email from known email abusers.  This process invites known email abuser back to send you more UCE.

The real issue becomes, when we know who a known email abuser is, why don't we Block them?  The problem with blocking a known email abuser is that they tend to move on to a new IP address.  This issue has been partially solved today by SPF and DomainKeys.  SPF solves the issue of a known email abuser moving on by allowing good domains to remain as good domains.  A good domain would say that their email can only come from three or four locations on the internet.

Now the best known method know to get down to business with known email abuser is to deny them access right up front.  This type of defense allows us to save our resources for the real and legitimate stuff.

For more information on how to prevent UCE:
using SPF, RBLs, or GreyListing, go here.