UPDATE: The Utah school systems loses $9.3Million dollars from voting "no" on Vouchers!

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Most people believe everything they see.  One thing I find interesting is the idea of school vouchers.  Take the NEA for instance, who claims they want the best for schools, but they refuse to support the teachers.  Read what the idiots say here.  When you actually stop and look at vouchers, the NEA is actually trying to prevent what they say is good for the schools.  Now why would the NEA and UEA team up against public schools.  Here is a table comparing the NEA to the Voucher Law.

Vouchers and the NEA - the positive view:
Vouchers provide smaller class sizes.The NEA wants smaller class sizes.
Vouchers leave some money in the school system.The NEA wants money kept in the school system
Vouchers create a two-tier system in order to give the public better schools.The NEA wants better schools.
Vouchers take monies from a fund that is separate from the school fund, thereby not affecting the real school fund.The NEA says we need to keep the fund the same and not take any money from it.

NEA and Vouchers - the negative view:
Lack of VouchersNEA
Without Vouchers, people who leave the school system cause the school to lose 100% of the student money.The NEA says that schools are stupid and don't know how to budget money.
Without Vouchers, our one-tier system sucks, and has not improved since 1945, and will never improve.The NEA says we need to keep pumping money into public schools.
Without Vouchers, parents are not allow to change teachers or schools..The NEA says we need to keep pumping money into public schools, even though increasing the per pupil monies have not helped the system since 1945.

Hmmm.  Seems to me like the NEA and UEA are really supportive of the vouchers system.  Why do they say they are against them?  Just makes sense to me that the UEA cannot spell on the signs they use at the State Capitol, so why should we trust them to be able to read a law?

Before you make a final decision on vouchers, please consult the current law about how the schools will gain money back for those who have already left the public school system.  Please make special note that a WPU counts on attendance and not total people in the district!
53A-2-204. District paying tuition -- Effect on state aid.
53A-17a-103. Definitions.
Not sure about you, but it is obvious when looking at the law that without vouchers, the school stand to lose $2,514 per student, from the state alone, because of lack of attendance.  You might want to look at how much your district will lose if vouchers to not pass.

There is only one way to be against a system that you competely support.  That is because you want to control the world, one pupil at a time!

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